Wearing a face-mask, more than an accessory, it is a weapon to avoid contagion, even more this next back to school.

In this lighter epidemiological situation for many states, these are terrific news to thousands of children that have suffered over isolation.
But in the meantime, it means a lot of preoccupation over contagion of COVID-19 on classes. TURN BACK TO SCHOOL ON A PRESENTIAL MANNER implies a great effort to everyone, because there ́s a lot of changes of education system over the pandemic, and the concern on personal hygiene and public spaces.
These diseases haven’t gone and there’s still a risk of contagion, this is why different

Organizations decided a lot of health measures, and one of this is wearing obligatory a face-mask in close areas and common spaces.

Why is it mandatory wearing a face-mask on classes?
Principally wore by medical staff, FACE-MASKS are surgical supplies that cover partially the face, mouth and nose to protect from bacteria and virus that affect health. Actually, wearing a face-mask is indispensable. Educated organizations and the WHO announced that wearing a face-mask is mandatory to all the educated staff and the alumnae
next school term.
This was an alarming news to many parents because a lot of myths over this supply, but if we analyze the actual situation wearing a face-mask becomes a life saver to thousands of students.
Wearing a face-mask avoids spreading drops with the potential virus, its usage is very important to avoid that a sick person contagious on healthy people. This way, if student and staff wear their face-mask properly avoiding propagation and taking care of their health and the others.
Turn back to school with a lot of style and care.