There ́s a debate over if school uniforms are involved on the kids learning and their behavior.


The gathering of a group might be represented through different forms and signs, as an example the school uniform.
Since many years it ́s been on the table, if school uniforms are involved on children ́s learning and if it has an effection over alumnae behavior.
At uniform society we ́ll tell you how it happens.


Studies released by an investigation from the University of Houston, determined through statistics of wearing school uniforms improve the discipline and lower the numbers of school absence.
Also, at Macquarie University in Australia made an investigation with their team of academics, found that schools that implement wearing uniforms tend to get better results on students’ obedience.
To parents, teachers and principals is way very important that security the school facilities. How does wearing uniforms impacts on school security?
As an example, we have Long Beach, Cal. Through two years they implemented policies of wearing obligatory uniforms on school districts, the mugging, aggressions, and felony had been reduced over the 34%.
The effect of wearing school uniforms over students’ behavior determines in a great matter the perceptions of security that the alumnae have on the environment.
The school uniform not only has an influence over behavior, if not it also gives some advantage and benefits traducing on positive results.


 Improves academic performance: School uniforms help on students’ concentration fostering discipline.

 It gives a sense of security: Students identify and develop a sense of belonging encouragement self-confidence.
 Saving: Assistance school involves an important Budget on wardrove. The purchase of uniform pieces helps to register spending on clothes.
 Promotes equality: Wearing school uniform avoids economic and social differences between alumnae.

School life for some students represent a challenge. For that, in fact school uniform has a strong influence on developing ethical values promoting discipline, motivation, and easing learning in classrooms