School uniform represents the equality of the student community. How does the schooluniform in the unification of social classes?


School uniforms have been the object of study for decades, as their influence on student behavior and helps maintaining good discipline.
On the other hand, the school uniform helps to counteract social differences since it contributes to the homogenization of clothing and therefore of economic conditions. Wearing a school uniform helps to blur economic differences between students, since in this way the use of inexpensive badges such as expensive brand clothing is reduced to a minimum.
The social distance that exists between a private school student and a public-school student is significant, however the use of the school uniform helps to reduce these differences and gives dignity and equal opportunities to low-income students.
In the case of the United States, the use of school uniforms was associated with construction of a homogeneous national identity, which supports promises of equality and social inclusion along with institutional mechanisms.
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