The backpack must have certain requirements to be suitable to school activities.
Get the best backpack for you in addition to storing school tools, a backpack is a pedagogical instrument where children develop kinesthetic and spatial abilities. While choosing the most suitable, besides personal taste, creative skills and ergonomic knowledge are involved.
We’re looking forward to customize your backpack and how it’s use.
Imagination has no limits!

For the back, it is recommended that shoulder straps must be padded caring to make no harm children ́s shoulders. It is important that it does not hang too much below the waist, and that it does not hang on one shoulder. Always with the two straps, at the height of the waist or 5 centimeters higher.

Wheels are widely recommended by experts in ergonomics and also by common sense, it’s precise because all the weight is dragged, reducing the possibility of back, neck or shoulder injuries. Ideal for carrying large school, sports and even recreational luggage, such as toys.
Portfolios with banner: Generally for older users as in middle school, high school and/or graduate students. In addition, this type of bag, as its name suggests, is ideal for carrying light school supplies, for example, folders, thin books, notebooks, meals, tablets, etc. Basically,they are unbeatable to carry the essentials with us.
Extra fact,It is worth mentioning that the parameter for choosing school backpacks in function to the age and weight of the children. One of the requirements to be met is that they must weigh only 10% of their body weight for a short journey and 15% if it is a longer journey.
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